About Us

Hello from Towne Theatre Corpration!  Great Grandpa Les Lund and his sweet wife Nada went in with Huish Theaters and helped finance and construct the Laurel Theater in Fairview and the Star Theater in Mount Pleasant, Utah in the late 1920’s.

After talking pictures started, Les built his own sound system for the “talkies”. Nada drove a school bus and at night she would go to the out-lying towns and pick up the folks who wanted to come to the movies.

Les and Nada’s son Trux grew up in the business and was an operator for many years. He was a painter by day and he painted all of the advertisements and signs around town.  Trux and his wife Helen bought the Towne Theatre in Ephraim in 1961 from some other family members.

In the 1930’s the Star Theater changed its name to the Kinema.  In the 1940’s the Laurel closed Nada and a cousin Richard ran the Kinema and in about 1960 Trux went to the Uintah Basin and purchased the drive-in screen.  Hence the name.  Nada and Richard ran it until about 1983. The Kinema closed in the mid 1980’s and remained closed until it burned down.

Rod and Judy Anderson bought the business in 1981 form Judy’s mom and dad. Judy always worked at the Theater in Mt. Pleasant.  She started when she was about 6 and only left for the 10 or so years she lived in Bountiful, Utah.

Nada lived in an apartment above the Kinema theatre for many years.

In 1990 a sad thing happened, the Queen City Ballroom caught fire and because the Kinema was attached to it, it burned as well.  They were located where Wheelers Drive-In is now located.

In 1999 we started construction on the SouthTowne Theatre and as a result, Matt and Molly Anderson moved to Mt. Pleasant to assist in building the new theater and in maintaining all of them as well. In —— Matt and Molly purchased the business from Matt’s parents and they are the current owners.

Over the years there have been several articles written about the Theaters in the local papers: